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Philadelphia Hardwood Floor Installation & Refinishing
Home owners spend thousands of dollars each year improving the look and feel of their home. They spend on landscaping, painting, furniture and even general improvements like new flooring or restoring an old floor. The end goal is to achieve a place where they feel comfortable when they return from work.
A popular way to improve your home is by having hardwood floor installed and over the last several years, technological advancements have allowed for new and improved ways to get the job done cheaper and with better quality. However, before making the decision to get hardwood flooring installed within your home, it`s important that you understand the fundamentals of flooring installation and refinishing.
Here is a quick guide on how to improve your home by having new hardwood flooring installed.
Benefits Of Having A Hardwood Floor Installed
If you decide to get hardwood floors installed than you`ll be happy with several of the benefits starting with how straight-forward the installation process is. If you choose an experienced installation company to install your floor, than you`ll be surprised at how hardwood floors are manufactured for custom fit. This means that the process is not too time consuming and decreases the chances of other parts of your home getting damaged.
Hardwood floors are very easy to clean and involve simply vacuuming, dusting and drying the floor every week. There are several more benefits like how solid they are and they can stand years of foot traffic because of the durability of the wood often used. Finally, you have many variety`s which is a plus for someone looking for a different look within their home. The hardwood floor can be customized to fit any consumer preference.
If you`re looking for flooring which is solid, durable, requires low maintenance and is a great investment than look into getting hardwood floors installed within your home.
How Long Does A Hardwood Floor Last In Philadelphia?
Many people often worry about how long hardwood floors actually last. People don`t want to invest money into something that has a very short lifeline. However, you`ll be happy to know that hardwood floors can last several years depending on many factors. Before going any further, it`s important to note the life of your hardwood floor is directly linked to some of the actions of the installer. If the installation company is experienced, than they should know exactly how the floorperforms and it`s curvature before installing the hardwood floor. Next, to increase longevity, it`s important that the installation is done correctly. If all of these factors are perfectly taken care of then we can move on to other factors.
First, the thickness of the floor and type of wood used is very important in determining the age of hardwood floors. For example, many companies that use low grade polyurethane have seen flooring last under 7 years. However, those companies that take pride in their work and installation will only use the best material with proper thickness depending on the floor pattern of the home. If everything meets quality standards, than a typical floor can last anywhere from 7-10 years. Don`t forget that floor usage does play an important role because just with anything else, if you use the product constantly than overtime it can affect the length of life.
When Should I Consider Having My Floor Refinished?
If you have hardwood floors installed in your home than there will be a time that you need to get them refinished. It`s important to know when to get them done because doing them prematurely can actually do more harm to your floors. First, start by looking over your hardwood finding faded or light surface scratches. If you can only findthose, than you might be able to get by with screening which is a rejuvenating process to the existing finishing on your floor. Next, if you see much more on the surface of your floor like sagging or split boards, it`s time to take a different kind of approach.
If you see deep scratches all over you floor, not just on certain floor boards than it might be a good idea to get the whole floor refinished. Either way, it`s better to get the opinion of a professional because they are the ones with experience. Once you get the opinion, you can proceed by getting a second opinion just to make sure the same advice was given by both experts. 
How Long Does Hardwood Floor Refinishing Take?
This is a very common question and the answer will depend on a few things. People often like to know how long the entire process will take because many of them will need to plan ahead so they can move furniture etc.  First, it depends on the type of polyurethane, for example, if it`s oil based or water based. In general, oil based is of better quality and will take longer to apply. Oil based polyurethane is the preferred choice because it has greater longevity compared to water-based.
When refinishing your floors with oil based it will take anywhere from 2-4 days depending on the type of floor and number of coats. For example, the darker the wood will require a different amount of coats compared to a lighter shade of wood. Each coat needs anywhere from 16-24 hours to dry before you can go ahead and apply another coat.
If you choose to go ahead with water-based refinishing, than the timing will vary from 1-2 days since the number of coat`s vary and the drying time.
There are a few things to keep in mind about the refinishing process..
The time will fluctuate depending on the size of the floor since larger spaces require more finishing to be applied before the job is complete. Next, by the time that you will be able to access your space might be a couple more days after the drying process because you will need to have someone come a check the final finish than proceed with moving the furniture back into place.
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